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Castles - Overview
From manor and lordship to region and relaxation
The "Castle Road" connects castles and palaces, which are much more than just dots on a map. Each of them holds within its walls a great secret – that of time. This beautiful area of southeastern Austria and Slovenia is home to one of Europe’s highest concentrations of castles and palaces. All of these noble houses are living witnesses to great epochs in the past, which called forth verdant gardens, great cuisine, wonderful wines and artisanry of the highest order. They invite one to stay awhile to enjoy it all. And hardly anyone knows the region where these great houses are located better than those who have been charged with preserving them and in so doing, carrying their traditions into the modern age. 


Cultural offer folder for tour operator & tourism agencies
The mission is to make history tangible. The responsibility to preserve cultural heritage and to present it for tourism is visible in the joint cultural offer folder. 74 inspiring cultural experiences as a limitless quality offer represent a guideline for unforgettable cultural trips along Schlösserstraße and enable tailor-made travel planning. We would be happy to support you. You can download the cultural offer folder here

Joint workshops
The Castle Road builds bridges across geographical, historical and cultural boundaries. The association promotes the uniqueness of its members through tolerance and integration. In joint workshops and webinars, possibilities for three-dimensional cultural mediation were developed. Best practice examples at partner companies were used to formulate measures for further development steps: Castle of Kornberg

Experience the Castleroad
To the west of the city of Graz, Piber Castle is a good entry point for driving on Schlösserstraße. The entire route meanders through six tourist regions and can be experienced in stages if you stay longer. Whether touring with a vintage car, e-car, bicycle or approaching the palaces, castles, monasteries and historical fortifications on foot, it is a journey through almost 1000 years of shared history. Link to route:
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